RoboCam AIPatent / design pending
ROBOCAM AI is a masterpiece first presented by TAP Electronics, a company that has been manufacturing Camera Crawler System for 40 years, which combines exclusive design and advanced inspecting technique.
ROBOCAM AI is a complete optimized system for the user. Users will be first attracted by its exquisite appearance and then will be astonished by its tremendously wild and robust performance in a real investigating situation. ROBOCAM AI can be used worldwide with its quality, performance, and design that meets each country’s standards. Consumers will be proud just by the fact that they are using it.

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  1. 01Elegant Design

    TAP electronics came up with a whole new design for ROBOCAM AI, which makes it clearly distinguishable from other pipe crawlers. This specific design has been systematically developed for a year by the group of designers with multiple awarding experiences with the inspiration from combat aircraft, submarines, and luxury sports cars.


    As a result, we were finally able to overcome the limitation of skeleton design which most existing pipe crawlers have. The innovative part of the design is that it is possible to equip a special suit specifically designed for the crawler. Consumers can easily attach and detach the suit by themselves and it is made of reinforced plastic material which not only protects the robot but also provides additional lightings. These suits come out in a variety of colors and can be ordered online at a very affordable price.


    ROBOCAM AIs skeleton framework is inherited from TAP Electronics family-look design. Especially, the SKID type wheel-based ASSAY attached on both sides of the body has individual motor built in each side. This system is the key Technology which enables the infinite expansion and minimization of the body. The user can transform or expand ROBOCAM AI to his or her taste just like building LEGO blocks.

  2. 02Sensor-based leading technology

    1. Inclination Sensor function

    One of the ROBOCAM AIs representative sensor-based functions roots from gyro-sensor technique, which senses the inclination of the pipe while the crawler is inside and displays the collected data on a graph. This function prevents the crawler from rolling over by notifying the users how much the crawler is tilted in real time with 3D pitch&roll status.


    2. Camera Lift positioning function

    ROBOCAM AI has a special function to automatically locate the camera to the center of the pipe with an infrared ray sensor. (Patent Pending) This is an advanced technique that did not exist in the past which enables the camera to locate its position in the center of the pipe regardless of sludges and other obstacles.


    It is stated on every countrys pipe inspection manual to locate the camera in the center of the pipe. The changes in the cameras status, depending on the camera height, are displayed in 3D which gives the users realistic operating experience as if they are the actual crawlers in the pipe.

    3. Camera direction sensing function

    ROBOCAM AI senses the direction of the camera when it is tilting or panning, and displays direction/inclination status with numbers and figures on the screen. Moreover, it simply restores the camera position with a single touch after recording the connecting part with rotation.


    4. Technique to display crawlers inner pressure, humidity, and temperature in real time

    ROBOCAM AI is equipped with sensors for inner pressure, humidity, and temperature which enables the user to monitor the inner part of the crawler at all times. This function not only helps the user to detect any leak caused by external impact but also prevents any severe damage to the internal electrical components due to abnormal high or low temperature.

  3. 03Amazingly convenient user-based system

    ROBOCAM AI is specifically designed based on maximizing user convenience.

    TAP Electronics has reviewed the data of the pipe crawlers used over the years and finalized that top-class crawlers are those which do not easily breakdown and completely block water flowing into the system even in extreme environments. However, we are well aware that there are inevitable cases and it is impossible to completely avoid any damage to the system. The key point of our research was based on how to quickly recover from those damages and make it work again.

    A design which completely blocks the leak to the Motor-room and PCB

    ROBOCAM AI is specially designed to prevent any leak into the Motor Room or PCB even in extremely rough and poor sewage environment. Wheel-based skid system has nine gears interlocked on each side which provides the force to spin three wheels and each wheels rotation axis is entirely waterproofed with quad-ring and Teflon seal. Even if there is a leak in rare cases, the internal part of the skid is filled with oil which makes the water impossible to flow in.

    PCB boards, which are responsible for both control of the crawler and the voltage power, can be waterproofed up to 100m depth rating since they are separated in a sealed chamber with vacuum decompressed technique.

    What if it still malfunctions?

    Consumers can directly purchase each component on online at a reasonable price and replace them on their own. Anyone can simply repair the system by following the instructions on the manuals and video clips which are available on our website and YouTube. Consumers can save time and money with this DIY option since there is no need to send the system for repair.


    ROBOCAM AI complies with each countrys standard for sewage inspection.

    Most countries have their own standards for OSD (On-Screen Display). The standards vary in many ways such as investigating options, an on-screen arrangement of date and location, criteria for investigating abnormalities in the pipe, and displaying GPS position/inclination. Consumers found it difficult to use foreign crawlers due to these different standards. TAP Electronics has solved this problem by developing SUPER WRITER after years of intense research on global pipe inspecting standards for OSD. All the corresponding format will be applied automatically once the user selects the language on the SUPER WRITER. Currently, SUPER WRITER provides English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and additional languages will be updated.


    SUPER WRITER is compatible with global report programs such as Wincan and can be used worldwide.

Technical Data
  1. 01CAMERA
    • Module - Pixel : 2M ip Camera(2MP Pixel)
    • Image sensor : Sony 1/2.8” Starvis CMOS 2MPSensor(IMX291)
    • Lens / Resolution / Illuminance : 3.6mm / 1920*1080/30fps(FULL HD) / 0.5 Lux
    • White Balance / Aperture : AUTO
    • Image compression / Communication Mode : H.264 / RTSP
    • Sensor - Distant Sensor / PAN / TILT / LIFT : IR Sensor 20~160cm range / 360° OPTICAL ENCODER / 240° Potentiometer / 360° OPTICAL ENCODER
    • Function - Light : Power LED Lamp(CREE) 2.5W 618lm * 10EA
    • PAN / TILT / Connector : 360˚ / 240˚ / 10pin
    • IP Code : 1BAR(CLASS_IP68)
    • Material / Surface Treatment / Operating Temperature / Size / Weight : BRASS & Aluminium & SUS / Anodizing / -10˚C ~ +50˚C / ∅75 *192mm / 1.42Kg
  2. 02CRAWLER
    • Motor - Manufacturer / Country of Manufacture / Type : maxon motor / swiss / High Power
    • Brush Type / Output power(Max) / efficiency / Speed : Graphite Brush / 75W X 2 / 75% / 8,750 rpm
    • Gear - Type / Transmittable power / Ambient temperature : planetary gear / 30W / -40 ~ +100˚C
    • Function - Driving : Forward / backward / brake / R, L MOVING
    • Speed / Driving Tilt angle : 0~30m/min / 50˚
    • Light : Power LED Lamp(CREE) 2.5W 618lm * 12EA
    • Protection Class : 1BAR(CLASS_IP68)
    • Material : BRASS & Aluminium & SUS
    • Surface Treatment : Anodizing / Induction Heat Treatment
    • Operating Temperature : -10˚C ~ +50˚C
  3. 03LIFT
    • Motor - Manufacturer / Country of Manufacture : maxon motor / swiss
    • Brush Type : Graphite Brush
    • Power / Output power(Max) : 12V / 2W
    • Gear - type : high power(planetary gear)
    • transmittable power : 8W
    • Ambient temperature : -40 ~ +100˚C
    • sensor type : enx 16 easy
    • Function - Slip device / Driving Tilt angle : PAD / 20˚/Sec
    • Protection Class : 1BAR (CLASS_IP68)
    • Size / Weight155(W)*290(H)*500(L)mm / 12Kg
    • Type / Display : Portable Controller / Number of pixels : 1366(H)*768(V)
    • Active area : 409.8(H)*230.4(V) / 18.5 inch
    • Pixel arrangement / Display colors / Display mode / Back-light : RGB Vertical stripe / 16.7M / Normally White / right edge side, 1-LED Light bar
    • Camera : PAN/TILT, Focus, Starting point, Center position
    • Crawler : Forward / backward / brake / R, L MOVING / Cruise control / Speed 0%~100%
    • Lift / Joy Sitck / illumination : Up / Down Moving Switch / Hall effect joystick * 2EA / 0~100% Volume Switch
    • Recording : File Format : MP4 / Video Format : H.264 / Video Bit rate : 4 Mbps / Resolution : 1920 * 1080 / 30fps (FULL HD)
    • Connector : Main connector : 16pin / GPS connector : 4pin / USB connector : A Type * 2EA
    • Video out / PC / Power : HDMI / i3 7th intel SATA SSD 128GB, DDR 32GB, 2400MHz / AC 110 VAC/50Hz(Option AC220 VAC/60Hz) 500W
    • Operating Temperature / Size / Weight : -10˚C ~ +50˚C / 400(W)*190(H)*550(D)mm / 14.2Kg
  5. 05REEL
    • Function - Type : Auto & Manual Switch Convert / Reverse Synchro(Crawler Backward Driving Synchro)
    • Cable Array / measure of length : AUTO / Rotary Encoder
    • Control : 0~100% Volume Switch Type Speed control
    • Cable / diameter - 6C PU Cable / ∅7±0.5
    • Video Iine - conductor / Braided / Insulator : T/A)0.08/30C * 4C / T/A)0.12/5*16 / PES Black
    • Length / Weight : 200M / 12Kg
    • Material / Surface Treatment : Aluminium & Brass / Anodizing
    • Operating Temperature : -10˚C ~ +50˚C
    • Power : AC 110 VAC/50Hz(Option AC220 VAC/60Hz)
    • Size / Weight : 454(W)*690(H)*755(D)mm / 51Kg